Revealed: Simple and stylish jewellery ideas for a fresh look this spring

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to bring some sparkle to your style again.

Whether you want to treat someone special or, perhaps, add a little colour to your jewellery collection, we have an array of seasonal jewellery ideas to compliment your style this spring.


As we come out of hibernation and shed layers this spring, why not show off those wrists with a vintage gold bangle or a timeless gold watch?

Much like the spring rays, gold adds a little warmth, brightness and instant style to your look.

And if you fancy donning something a little different, why not join the bold earrings and chunky bracelet trend – or embrace the classic look of a signet ring for both men and women.

9ct yellow gold seven bar gate bracelet with 1964 Sovereign

Lots of jewellery lovers are choosing the rich, natural look of textured gold instead of a polished finish. Character-rich pieces like a gold bracelet or statement earrings are a popular way to gleam in the spring sunshine or on a night out.

If the yellow tones of gold aren’t your thing this spring, you can always fashion something more modern with the warming tones of rose gold.

Decisions, decisions.


Refreshingly chic, simple and modern, silver will give you that fresh feeling of spring and new beginnings.

If you want to keep it light and airy, a classy chain necklace is the way to go. Or try the latest trend of mixing and stacking your jewellery. Fill your arm with bangles, stack your fingers with rings or layer those silver chains.

More of a bold and colourful type? Vibrant colours can give silver a blast of energy. From bright beads to gorgeous gemstones, mix your metals with colour for a personalised spring style.


Nothing says spring like the vibrant green of an emerald.

One of the four precious gemstones, it’s known for bringing good into your life. And who doesn’t want more green goodness?

9ct yellow gold emerald and diamond bracelet

You will find a selection of emerald rings, earrings and pendants in our stores that’ll look stunning with your sleek and simple spring wardrobe.


As the natural birthstone for people born in spring, aventurine is believed to connect people to the earth. It’s also a robust stone that won’t easily chip when you’re doing your spring gardening.

Less expensive than jade and other gemstones, aventurine’s striking green makes it a popular choice for all types of jewellery. It comes in both light and darker shades (and even other colours, though less common).

Looking for a more laid-back bohemian style without compromising on style? Then aventurine could be the stone for you.


You don’t have to stick to green to match the colour palette of spring!

Second only to diamonds in strength, sapphires are a solid alternative for those looking to try a different seasonal style.

18ct yellow gold sapphire ring with surrounding diamonds

Much like spring, sapphires are an explosion of colour. From deep blues to pastel pinks, there’s a shade of sapphire to match every style this spring. Which sapphire colour is yours?


Continuing our tour of gemstones for spring, this “stone of magic” is a thousand times rarer than diamonds and with the beauty to match.

Its striking blue, violet tones and ability to change colour have made it one of the most desired blue gemstones in the world.

Without a doubt, it’s a stone to put on your shopping list this spring.

Art Deco

Art Deco is all about bold abstract designs, floral patterns and colourful gemstones. What could be more spring than that?

Art deco rings

From bold statement rings and vintage pendants through to chunky hoop earrings and drooping necklaces, fashioning an art deco piece is a sure-fire way to stay stylish this spring.

Looking for that perfect piece of jewellery to compliment your spring style? Get in touch to enquire about any of our items, or find your nearest GA Pawnbrokers using our store locator.