Professional pawnbroking in Brighton and beyond

Sometimes, bridging the gap between income and expenditure can be tough, especially when you’re hit with the unexpected.

That’s where we can help.

Whether you need an instant loan to fix a leaking roof, pay a utility bill, or perhaps to fund a new project, GA Pawnbrokers can provide cash loans against your items in an instant.

What is Pawnbroking?

It’s like taking a loan at a bank, except a pawnbroker lets you borrow against your collectibles

Guided by the Consumer Credit Act 1974, our team will make you an on-the-spot loan offer based on an accurate valuation of your items.

How it works

Whatever your borrowing needs, GA Pawnbrokers can offer instant flexible loans that work for you 

From the moment you deposit your valuables to the moment you pick them up, our established team of experts are on-hand to find the right type of loan to fit your needs.

So, whether you need £10 or £100,000, here’s everything you need to know to get started…

Identity requirements

Although we conduct no credit checks, you will need to provide a proof of identification and recent proof of address to pawn your items with us.

As valid proof of identification, we accept:

  • birth certificate
  • driving licence or provisional driving licence 
  • passport (UK or international)
  • EU national identity card


As valid proof of address, we accept:

  • utility bills
  • driving licence or provisional driving licence 
  • bank or credit card statements
  • lease agreements or mortgage statements


All address identification must be dated within the past 3 months.

For more information, visit us in-store, or call one of our helpful experts today.

How it Works

Get the loan you want with these five simple steps:

Bring your items to one of our stores to be professionally valued

We’ll offer you an instant loan based on the value of your items

We’ll agree on the type of loan that works for you

You sign our contract and we’ll give you the cash

Once the loan is repaid, your items are returned to you

What we loan against

Our team will consider loans against most items, especially:

  • gold and silver
  • watches
  • diamonds and gemstones
  • jewellery
  • cars and motorbikes

Here’s a breakdown of how our loans work...

For every month your item is with us, 7.5% of the initial loan value is added to the redemption value. This means that for a £100 loan, £7.50 is added as interest to the initial loan value. Representative APR 110%

Our contracts are based on a seven-month lending period, however you can choose to leave your items in pawn with us by paying the interest owed to extend the contract. 

For example, for an extended duration of seven months, you would pay £7.50 x 7 = £52.50

Our pawnbroking service is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

For all other enquiries, see our FAQs, visit us in-store, or call one of our helpful experts.