Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a list of frequently asked questions and
general information on our terms of service.

If you have a question which is not answered here, or you
would like something clarified, please don’t hesitate to email
us at [email protected]


For pawnbroking, buybacks, and selling gold, we accept: birth certificates, valid passports, valid driving license (provisional or full) and immigration registration cards.

For currency we accept: valid passports, valid driving licence (provisional or full) and immigration registration cards.

For all our services we accept: council tax bills for the current year, bank statements dated within the last 3 months, utility bills dated within the last 3 months (excluding mobile phone bills), letters from a solicitor, and also hospital or doctor (not prescriptions) dated within the last 3 months.

In order to fulfil our legal obligations and correctly fill out the pawn agreement, buyback agreement or receipt for buying jewellery and to ensure you are at least 18 years of age, we need ID.

It also helps us to ensure we are returning the items to the correct person on redemption or buying back items. In order to fulfil our legal obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 regarding customer due diligence we need ID when buying or selling currency.

GA Pawnbrokers will always be completely transparent and clear about all charges and fees. You will never have to pay any storage costs, transactions surcharges, or any other fees than are originally clearly stated in your contract.

Redemption or renewal of a pawn agreement after the
redemption date will incur an additional one-month interest.

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, only the person who has signed the contract can reclaim the item(s) pledged. You can specifically designate someone else at the of the contract signing in writing if you will not be able to pick them up yourself.

Yes, you can make part payments towards your agreement at any time during the loan period. Part payments help clear any accrued interest and reduce the loan amount which will lower the amount of interest due in the future.

The loan amount offered is equal to the value of your goods as determined by our trained pawnbrokers. This is based on the quality and condition of the item as well as its market value. We will always give fair and accurate valuations on all items.

If you have a complaint, we ask you to bring it to the attention of the branch manager. If you are not satisfied with their response, please follow the complaints procedure in the contact us section.

Pawnbroking is a way of using your assets such as jewellery and watches to get a loan against them.

You leave your item with us for up to 7-months and we will give you the agreed amount for that item. When you want to collect your item(s), just return to the shop and repay the loan amount and any interest that has accrued for the period of the loan.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14- days of the date it is signed. You can do this in writing by letter, or email or verbally in the shop or on the phone.

Once you have given notice of withdrawal you have 30-days to reclaim your items. If you do not reclaim your items in this period, the contract will continue until the items are reclaimed.

If you do not renew or redeem your items by the redemption date by paying the outstanding balance you may lose the right to redeem them. If your items are not redeemed or renewed by the redemption date, we will sell the items to recover the money we loaned.

You must be 18 years of age or older for a pawnbroking loan and have valid ID.

You have the option to make payments towards your loan during the loan period by coming into the store and paying in cash.

Any payments you make will help to reduce or pay off the interest accrued and reduce the loan amount which will reduce the amount interest you pay during the rest of the loan period.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Pawnbroking.

Buyback is a way of raising money by selling assets to us with the option to buy them back within 28-days. We currently take laptops, tablets, game consoles, musical instruments, and audio/visual equipment for buyback agreements.

When you want to buy your items back, just return to the store and pay the agreed amount on the agreement.

You must be 18 years of age or older and have valid ID.

The value we offer to buy your item for is based on a percentage of the current second-hand market value of your item(s). If you do not buy your items back, we will sell them in one of our shops.

We buy your old or unwanted jewellery or watches based on a percentage of their second-hand market value. If you wish to sell your items, you must be 18 years of age or older and have valid ID.

If you wish to buy or sell a currency or would just like to enquire about an exchange rate, feel free to ring your nearest branch where our friendly helpful staff can answer you query.

We stock Euros and US Dollars at every branch and can order most currencies with 48 hours Monday to Thursday.

For transactions of £800 or above we require one form of photographic ID and for transactions of £2000 or above we require one form of photographic ID and one form of address ID dated with 3 months.

For larger transactions, it is advisable to call your local branch 48-hours before it is needed to ensure we have the currency and amount in stock.

Our jewellery repairs are carried out in our workshops in Brighton, Hove, and Worthing by our expert goldsmiths.

Jewellery repairs generally take one week to complete, but can take longer during busy periods for our workshops.