Get value from your valuables with our online pawnbroking service

With our popular online pawnbroking service, borrowing
against your valuables has never been easier.

From fine jewellery and watches through to cars and motorbikes, tell us about the items you want to loan against and we’ll do the rest.

How does online pawnbroking work?

Tell us about your valuables by completing our online form

We’ll send you a pre-paid envelope to post your items*

An instant loan offer will be made based on an accurate valuation of your item(s)

We’ll agree on the type of contract which is most suited to your needs

You sign the contract and we’ll send the funds to your account

Once the loan is repaid,
your items are returned to you

*All posted items are fully insured up to the value of £20,000

What we loan against

Our team will consider most items, especially:

  • gold and silver
  • watches
  • diamonds and gemstones
  • jewellery
  • cars and motorbikes

Request a free valuation

Here's a breakdown of how our loans work...

For every month your item is with us, 7.5% of the initial loan value is added to the redemption value. This means that for a £100 loan, £7.50 is added as interest to the initial loan value. Representative APR 90%

Our contracts are based on a seven-month lending period, however you can choose to leave your items in pawn with us by paying the interest owed to extend the contract.

For example, for an extended duration of seven months, you would pay £7.50 x 7 = £52.50

Our pawnbroking service is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

For all other enquiries, see our FAQs, visit us in-store, or call one of our helpful experts.