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Loan against vehicles with GA Pawnbrokers

When you’re in need of fast cash, selling your car doesn’t have to be your only option. Instead, you could pawn your vintage vehicles with us and receive an instant cash loan for up to six months.

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No hidden fees and no credit checks. Guaranteed.

Our services are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

For all other enquiries, see our FAQs, visit us in-store, or call one of our helpful experts.

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How it Works

Give your finances a boost with these four simple steps:

We’ll arrange a time convenient for you when we can value your vehicle

Our team will determine a price for your vehicle based on its current market value

We’ll offer you our most competitive rate

You sign the contract, we look after your vehicle, you get instant cash

Identity requirements

Although we conduct no credit checks, you will need to provide a proof of identification and recent proof of address to use our Buy Back service.

As valid proof of identification, we accept:
• birth certificate
• driving licence or provisional driving licence
• passport (UK or international)
• EU national identity card

As valid proof of address, we accept:
• utility bills
• driving licence or provisional driving licence
• bank or credit card statements
• lease agreements or mortgage statements

For more information, visit us in-store, or call one of our helpful experts today.