3 wise golden gifts to buy your loved ones this Christmas

‘Tis the season for Christmas cheer – and as shoppers flock to the stores for festive fizz, nibbles and stocking fillers, we’ve got some golden gift ideas even the most resolute Scrooge will find hard to ignore. But first…

Why is gold a smart Christmas gift idea?

Chocs and socks are all very reasonable gift ideas, but if you’re looking for a present that’s going to hold (and likely increase) in value long after the Christmas tree has been recycled, gold is the answer.

Whether it’s gold jewellery, bars or sovereigns, old bling is a profitable present with the potential to increase a loved one’s bottom line. In fact, at time of writing, an ounce of gold has shot past the £1,300 mark with no indication of plummeting anytime soon.

But why is gold so valuable, and why should it be something at the top of your Santa wish list? Here’s a breakdown.

Safe investment

With the onset of economic turbulence caused by the pandemic, investors, institutions and private banks around the world turned to gold and other precious metals as a “safe haven” to protect their cash.

That’s because, unlike other investments, gold is an asset that generally performs well when others do badly. And even in the face of a post-pandemic recovery (and ever-looming recession) gold continues to defy trends by steadily climbing in value.

Liquid asset

As well as its timeless aesthetic appeal, gold has high levels of liquidity which means you can instantly turn it into cash.

Of course, as an investment, it’s advisable to hold onto gold for as long as possible. But should you face financial difficulty and need instant funds, it’s reassuring to know you or a loved one has a golden safety net whenever required.

Minimal storage

Unlike fancy vintage vehicles or other sizeable investments that take up room, gold is usually a modest-sized investment that doesn’t soak up your storage.

In saying that, we strongly advise you to store your gold in a safe place. In some instances, that could mean paying an annual storage fee for a private vault or similar.

What’s the price of gold today?

Precious metal prices change daily, which means buyers and sellers need to regularly do their research on spot prices. At GA Jewellers and Pawnbrokers, we update our prices at least twice a day, offering competitive rates for anyone wanting to cash-in their gold or other precious metals. You can find out more, right here.

3 golden gift ideas for your loved ones

Gold sovereigns

As well as their historical appeal, gold sovereigns are a symbol of quality and security that’s long been associated with The Royal Mint as far back as 1489.

Often featuring Saint George and the Dragon, these 22ct gold coins are a solid investment option often cherished for the rich history and tradition they represent in Britain.

If you’d like to delve into sovereign styles, sizes and options, we stock a large collection across our stores in Sussex. Feel free to make an enquiry with our team today.

Gold necklaces and earrings

If your loved ones like to wear gold, opening a preowned necklace or a set of earrings might just make their Christmas.

Of course, you could join many other shoppers who might prefer to buy a brand-new item of gold. But by shopping preowned, it’s often the case you’ll find a broader range of unique styles that offer better value for money.

As with any purchase, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable and registered seller – and always get an expert opinion on an item’s condition, value and authenticity before committing to a purchase.

Gold rings

We couldn’t possibly round up our gift suggestions without mentioning golden rings. Although you don’t need to buy five of them, investing in their purity and durability makes for a prudent purchase this Christmas.

Whether you’re shopping for a man or woman, gold rings offer a symbol of class, elegance and sophistication that tells a loved one you’ve put a lot of thought into their gift.

Depending on your budget and preferences, gold rings are available in various shapes and styles typically made from yellow, white and rose gold – all of which are a wise investment for a present this Christmas.

For more advice on gold investments or to enquire about any of our in-stock preowned gold items, get in touch today by calling 01273 691939.