Casio: The watch that’s stood the test of time

Casio is a leading name in the world of digital wristwatches. As a preferred timepiece for celebrated icons such as Sting, Dr Who, Marty McFly (and even Napoleon Dynamite), its weird and wonderful history is a showreel of timeless innovation.

From blood pressure monitoring and thermal scanning to tracking the position of planets and generating random Lotto numbers, the Casio watch was always set to be more than just a timepiece.

Luxurious? No. Dazzling? Not really. But as a robust, retro and everyday reliable wristwatch, there are few options out there that’ll offer as much value for your money. With that said, here’s a crash course into the world of Casio.

The history of Casio

Founded in 1946, Casio started its legacy as a multinational electronics manufacturer by introducing the first ever compact electro-mechanical calculator. By 1980, the Japanese giants had released numerous home electronic keyboards for musicians, along with the first-ever mass-produced digital wristwatch called the CASIOTRON – which, to this day, remains in high demand.

By 1977, the digital wristwatch had taken off, with Casio releasing a retro-futuristic model named the F100, made primarily of resin. On the back of its success, other popular models would follow, such as the F-19W – the most solid wristwatch in the world with an annual production of three million units.

As the century drew to a close, Casio had cemented its spot as the timepiece innovator by releasing other multi-functional models to include calculators, multi-time-zone displays, games, alarms, an altitude gauge and even atmospheric pressure readings.

By the late 1990s, the Casio watch had become more than just a watch.

Features of Casio watches

Going beyond the ordinary, Casio wristwatches offer a lot more than simply telling the time. As a quirky addition to their impressive line of innovation, some models can measure blood pressure, function as a remote control, perform magic tricks, turn into a games console, track planetary movement and even generate a random selection of Lotto numbers – to name but a few.

Popular Casio watches in 2023 

If you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight watch as a gift for yourself or a loved one, you can’t go wrong with a Casio watch. Here’s our handpicked selection of brand-new Casio watches available at GA Jewellers & Pawnbrokers.

Retro F-91W in black. £25
F-91W in translucent grey. £30
F-91W in pink. £30
F-91W in orange. £30
F-91W in army green. £28
F-91W in translucent blue. £30
Men’s retro chrome. £40
Ladies retro chrome. £35
Classic gents. £40
Legendary retro calculator Casio. £40

Are Casio watches back in fashion?

In recent years, wristwatch trends have gone back to the future with retro models taking a front seat with nostalgic wristwatch shoppers. Even though the earliest Casio models were released over 40 years ago, the dialled back digital screens complete with retro resin wrist straps continue to be in high demand. It’s for this reason, Casio have released a vintage collection which celebrates some of the classics worn by on-screen icons across multiple decades.

If you have any questions about Casio watches, or want to enquire about pawning, buying or selling a luxury watch, get in touch today.