5 reasons to buy second-hand jewellery this Christmas

It’s Christmas – the season of mulled wine, mistletoe and frantic shopping to find last-minute gifts. Where most present hunters will scurry to the typical outlets, shrewder shoppers have found a way to avoid the crowds and the high prices. The answer? Second-hand jewellery – and here’s why.

Get more for your money 

Most new items lose 30% of their value before they’re even unboxed. But with second-hand alternatives, you’re buying a piece that’s already survived depreciation and come out the other side with a true market value. Whether it’s a necklace, diamond ring or luxury watch, our pawnbrokers can help you find the perfect piece for a loved one – and all without breaking the bank.

It’s better for the planet

By opting for a second-hand item, you’re putting less strain on the planet and your pocket. For every piece of new jewellery created, 95% of carbon emissions are generated by mining and metal production, with 5% caused by design, production and transport. So if you want to step into the new year with a commitment to sustainability, it makes more sense to shop the pre-owned market.

Get your items without delay

Not all of us are organised enough to complete our Christmas shopping in advance. So if you’re a last-minute gift finder, you could face the added stress of excessive lead times for luxury jewellery items. To give you an idea, a new Rolex watch could take up to four years to manufacture and deliver, with other bespoke items taking just as long. But when you buy pre-owned, you’ll sidestep the waiting and walk away with a boxed item ready to put under the tree.

For extra peace of mind, our team can also resize any item while you wait. And we’ll also include a minimum one-year guarantee of your purchase as standard.

Own a piece of history

Every piece of pre-owned jewellery has a history. Whether it’s a story shared by the previous owner or a dated piece that’s lived through significant global events, the history of a pre-owned item adds colour and context. In some cases, the unique pieces you discover through a pawnbroker’s shop window are no longer in production, which only serves to add more value to your purchase. Whether it’s an art deco statement piece, a vintage diamond ring or a rare luxury watch, we stock thousands of historic pieces ready to write their future.

It’s the real deal

The jewellery and luxury watch industry is one of the most counterfeited in the world. For that reason, our highly experienced pawnbrokers perform a professional valuation before any item is purchased for resale. Where possible, we’ll also include the original box and papers to further validate authenticity of your item and protect its value. In many cases, items arrive in our store in a near-new condition, chosen to be pawned after years of storage and little use.

If you’re thinking about buying your loved one pre-owned jewellery this Christmas, find your local store here and shop our latest items. Alternatively, feel free to call us on 01273 224508.